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Lightcap Solutions is a web-based, employment solutions platform designed exclusively for the Canadian Transportation and Supply Chain industries.

We have taken 30 years of traditional industry specific recruiting and combined it with today’s leading software technology and then wrapped it up with current and future Digital/Social Media marketing and advertising trends. 




  • Transportation-focused, Intuitive User Experience 
    Focusing on transportation recruitment, employers and job seekers can quickly and easily achieve their goals 

  •  Better Leads – Less Effort 
    Employers can cut through the clutter – finding candidates that best match their specific needs 

  • Ease of Application 
    Applicants are not ‘put off’ by lengthy application process, resume shortcomings or transparency fears 

  • Multi-Platform Targeting 
    Pull qualified, off-platform candidates using proactive digital and social media targeting 

  •  Tailored Solution 
    We have consulted with leading candidates to create the only user-focused, transportation/supply chain-based employment platform 

Candidate highlights

  • Confidential Profiles

    • Job seekers control their employment/profile information – choosing to share their account details with prospective employers that match their criteria (i.e. dating site) 

    • No candidate-specific data will be shared with third party or ‘off-platform’ entities 

  • Candidate-focused Design 

    • To combat professional/resume-creation shortcomings, LightCAP created a point-and-click resume generator and industry focused workflow

  • Aspirational Position Monitoring 

    • Candidates can receive off-platform/push updates regarding target positions and companies 

Employer highlights

  • Better Leads – Less Effort 

    • Screening questions, applicant filtering and industry-focused platform decrease hiring and administrative effort 

  • Candidate and ‘Decision Journey’ Mapping

    • Mapping the needs, goals and steps taken by all transportation/supply chain candidates provide better targeting, messaging and intelligence 

  • Multi-Platform Targeting 

    • Pull qualified, off-platform candidates using proactive digital and social media targeting 


With over 350,000 yearly transportation job postings, LightCap Solutions has established the following strategies and tactics to intercept and engage all eligible candidates: 

  • User Personas/Journeys 

    • Understand the unique needs/goals/steps taken by each target user 

  • Interception Points 

    • Utilizing multiple platforms, we can target 94.8% of target users/job positions

  • User-specific Messaging 

    • We deliver messaging tailored to the needs/concerns of each user type




LightCap Solutions has created the Strategic Partnership program for companies with high-volume recruitment needs. As a Strategic Partner, you will benefit from:

  •  Direct Enhancement/Feature Input 

  •  Cost Certainty 

  •  Unlimited Posting 

  •  Volume-base Saving 

  •  Advanced Analytics 


* plus applicable taxes

Credits: Have no expiration date.

Postings: single posting is 6 credits for 30 days with a 30 day revewal costing only 3 credits.

Advertising: Your company logo can be placed beside each of your postings free of charge. To have your logo streamed on each page, the cost is 2 credits for 30 days.

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